Day 31 of 70 - The Greatest Need of All


Another run in the books!  Today instead of listening to tunes on Pandora or financial news on, I chose to listen to a TED Talk, on focused on discussed Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs (here's the link to the full talk).

So if you are unfamiliar with Maslow's needs, it starts with the basic needs, "physiological", this includes things such as a place to live, food to eat.... and goes all the way to "self-actualization", having meaning, or purpose in life.

When I started included running and training for endurance events into my every day life, I experienced the most advanced need of "self-actualization" by raising funds and awareness to cure leukemia and lymphoma, help battered women and children, and simply give those who are less fortunate the opportunity the deserve in life.  It's an incredible feeling.

If you are interested in learning more about how running and endurance events can help you in your life, please feel free to contact me anytime through this website.

Day 30 of 70 - Life... Revisited


I can't believe it's already been 30 days since re-committing to road racing!  When I complete this week, I'm already half way there.

What's been great about this experience is that even though I've run many races in the past, it's still occurring to me a brand new... and right now there are many "brand new" things in my life:  I'm a father... I now live in Southern California... I'm a bit older than when I first started running.

It's all brand new.  And it's all good.

Speaking of brand new... Stay tuned because I'm going to be introducing a brand new way for endurance atheletes to run, share and inspire others with what they do... day in... and day out.

What I'm introducing is going to be a win-win-win situation for all parties.  More to come!

The best Time Management tool? Become a father!


I'm all turned around and upside down.

8 days ago on April 22, 2015 at 1:50pm in the afternoon, I became a father to a handsome little boy named Julius Santiago Austria.  6 hours of sleep in a row has went from being a necessity to being a luxury.  Life as I know it has changed.

As much as I want to continue writing this post, lack of sleep is catching up to me.  Baby Julius is sleeping so I'm going to take the advice of many friends and family and sleep when he sleeps.  I'll pick up where I left off.


Day 19 of 70 done!  The half marathon on Father's Day seems so far away, yet so close!

I've decided that's time to go all out and share the TriumphLIFE Challenge... it's something that I've been thinking about and conceptualizing for too long.  So what is it??

To answer that, here are the questions I want to answer....

  1. Can the principles of training for an endurance race be applied to setting goals and achieving them in other achieve everything else we want in life?
  2. Can the benefits taken from someone making health a number one priority lead to creating benefits for everything else important in one's life.
  3. Make does it taken to motivate sometime to make health a habit?

More to come!  I'm also going to start working on a BETA project and recruit some other runners and endurance athletes.. It's going to be a lot of fun!!

Being the Best I Can Be for Father's Day

This past week marked the first full week of an intense half marathon training program.  My energy is zapped.

I began training again because it's been a real "missing" in my life.  The past 4 years I've run a few races but ever since I completed my Ironman in Lake Placid in 2011, the level of training has not been as focused or intentional.

Until last week, April 13th, 2015... Day 1 of 70.

This is the video I posted on Facebook that served as my declaration.. a way to hold myself accountable to what I'm creating.  

The day of the race is Father's Day.  I can't help it.. I'm a sentimental guy and I know that my son will be too young to even realize it... but one day he'll realize that it's the best gift that I could have given him on Father's Day... my best self.

Here is my training program for the next 10 weeks.  TriumphLIFE with me!

Leaving a Legacy


Today I presented to my business networking group about "Leaving a Legacy".

What an opportunity! I'll be posting a clip of the presentation later today.


Back from a run.. the last run before my next race... a 15k.  6 miles in 65 min and 26 seconds.  With the heart rate monitor I was trying to keep my BPM down to stay in the fat burning zone, however I'm starting to wonder weather I operate at high BPM rate most of the time.  I'll save that for a later post.

... So I wish I had stopped to talk a picture.  I come back up to my apartment to find my the kitchen trash all over the living room.  Immediately I get upset!  I start kicking the trash and cursing my dogs out!!... And then... I start laughing how at how ridiculous I must have looked.

Spartacus and Xena are dogs.  They do what dogs do.... here I am getting upset because of something I didn't do.  I didn't make sure that they couldn't get to the trash.   Man... I'm gonna love being a parent huh???  And seriously, how could I curse out these two?....




So I created a profile on  Looks like a very promising website.  I wish I thought of it :)

Back at it.. IronRuben 2.0


Earlier this evening I spoke to a woman by the name of Heather.  So she happens to be in biomedical/pharmaceutical sales and she meets a lot of people.  She also meets a lot of older guys who talk about the "glory days" of their youth when the were the captain of the football team... now they have beer guts.

That's kind of like me talking about about my Ironman that I did way back in 2011..

Long term success is all about endurance... longevity.... sustained performance.  Thank goodness I'm back at it :)


Spoke to my coach earlier today and he recommended I check out a new website...

The premise?  Accountability!  I'm going to create an account and check back in! 


Got the new FitBit Charge HR yesterday in the mail.   Christmas came early this year :)

Yeah I know what you are thinking... Why didn't you wait for the Apple Watch?

Yes it's true that I love everything Apple.  Steve Jobs is my hero and I've seen his Stanford commencement speech a zillion times.

2 reasons why I passed on the Apple Watch (1st generation)

  1. For it claims to do, I do feel $349 is a bit steep.  I do understand however that Apple will sell millions of these and ever a large portion of those being the $17,000 variety (and there are some who think this price is cheap).  By next year not only will the Apple Watch be less expensive, it will offer a whole lot more in terms of features and software available.    Remember the first iPhone?  Retail price $599.
  2. Although the Charge HR is new, Fitbit already has many of the kinks ironed out with regards to their product and the community behind it.  The community what I like about it the most.  If you don't think Apple finds Fitbit to be a valid competitor, then check out this article

That said, please find me on Fitbit and add me as a friend!  I challenge you!!


Got of the treadmill this morning.. I did 6 miles in 67 minutes.

Funny how times change.  Back in 2010, the time I consider was my "prime" conditioning.. 6 miles was a cake walk... a joke.  But now after being dormant for almost 4 years since my Ironman Triathlon on Lake Place in July 2011, it seems light years away.

But... I'm back.  I'm embarking on a new journey.  I'm calling it IronRuben 2.0 (and ultimately this journey will end with my completing the Ironman triathlon in Kona, Hawaii.. more about that in a later blog).

In a way I guess it could be like doing college all over again (how awesome would that be?!?).  This time around, I'm wiser, I know what to look for, good or bad.  

Make it a GREAT day ... Choose COMMUNITY

Community is key!

This thought ran through my head as I sit alone in my apartment building gym, working out, it's like I owned the place!  I'm getting the feeling there is not much sense of community in the complex that I live in...

Where community does live is at IGNITE Nutrition, a local business started Travis Abrahamson...  I got him and Romeo Juarez on camera sharing their thoughts...

Benefits of Travis' health community

- accountability and support provided

- social aspect and belonging

- a person can accomplish more than on their own!

... and during my hill sprints with IGNITE, I did 12x hill sprints.... all because I wanted to challenge myself!

Another community that is important to me is my BNI Power Group 100 which I joined when I moved to the Long Beach area.

What communities inspire you and make you better?  Comment and share!

Make it a GREAT Day ... Choose ACTION

My goal is to share my experience in order to empower others… today I’m going to make it a great day by choosing ACTION.

It’s all about action.  Nothing else counts without it.  For example, the Pet Rock

Ideas must turn into action.  To ensure that, right it down!  I use Evernote to note down everything!

Travis Abrahamson from IGNITE Nutrition drops his knowledge!

- Action needs accountability 

- You also have to be the person who can be OK with accountability 

- Get a mentor

Speaking of accountability, I’ll soon be forming an accountability group with Travis.  Why?  It’s so much easier to win together.

There are so many resources and articles when it comes to ACTION.  Just google it!

ACTION is the number one most important thing that needs to be present!  

How are you going to make it happen?  What ACTIONs do you want to put in place? Contact me and we'll make it happen together!!

Make it a GREAT Day ... Choose EXCITEMENT

Be excited to be alive!

My goal is to share my experience in order to empower others… today I’m going to make it a great day by choosing EXCITEMENT!!

Went to OB appointment for my wife... I am really excited to be a Dad!  Only 9 more weeks to go!

Have you ever heard of Simon Sinek?  Check out his video about being excited and nervous.  They are the same thing!

Back to being a future dad... a lot of people talk about having a child like it's a death sentence... ok.. I'm exaggerating a little.  Regardless, be careful of what people tell you... don't let them take away your excitement!

Being excited is not always easy.  Be conscious and be responsible for your own excitement.  Sit at the edge of your chair!  Do what it takes.  Make it a happen!

Please comment or contact me if I can help you!  Make it a great day!