The Year of Creation

2016 went well and 2017 is going to be even better.

The first day of 2017 feels like the first day of school.  Everything is brand spanking new.  A clean slate.  It's almost like the feeling I get after going to church.  A clean slate for the week.  

But this is 2017, this is big.  One part of what will make it big is the fact that I'm committed to writing my blog.    I've always liked writing and never really pursued actively writing just for the sake of writing.  I wrote because I had to and I never gave myself much time to write because I enjoyed it.

I have the opportunity to change that for 2017.  I understand the only way I get better at writing if if I write!  What's great is that I believe I can write about a lot of great things.  

Quality of Life Planning.  TriumphLIFE.  Life is Short.  Anything is Possible.  Make it a Great Day!

All of these are topics I can write about for days, weeks and months.    

What's worse is I wouldn't write because I was worried about how many people would read it.  Well, "looking good" isn't producing results so I might as well just write for the sake of writing.  

Here goes everything.   I'm looking forward to healthy and prosperous new year.  See you 2017!

Ruben B. Austria is an #IronmanTriathlete, #BusinessConsultant and  #QualityofLifePlanner  His purpose is to empower others into action by sharing his goals, journey and insights.  Connect with him on LinkedIN or Twitter @rubenbaustria