The Role of Technology

It's an exciting time to live in.  New technologies are being developed and unleashed on such a regular basis it is changing everything.

For instance over the weekend my wife and I used Amazon Fresh for the first time.  It's been available for sometime now however in the past the convenience of getting groceries delivered to my door was worth the extra cost involved.  That was the past and it's evolved such that the prices on everyday items are similar in cost to what I'd get at my neighborhood Ralph's (not to mention my wife just started maternity leave and doesn't want to leave the house). 

Amazon Fresh is so convenient.  The service was great and I'm pretty sure I'll be using it again sometime soon.    Convenience is great however I started to think about technology has changed my life, and in some instances not in a good way.

  • After my son has played with all his toys, run around for 30 minutes and he is still looking for something to do, I hand him his iPad and hope he falls asleep within the hour.  Too much screen time and obviously this could have adverse effects.
  • Texting is a great tool for short communication that doesn't require a nice discussion.  I find it annoying that most people don't call on birthdays or special occasions.  For that reason I make it a point to call friends and family on their birthday.
  • Social Media and cell phone distraction... are most people even present anymore?  Why go to dinner with other humans if you are just going to be on the phone?  

I once read that the purpose of the Internet was to create a system for people to connect with others.  Although the certainly does that I know in many instances how internet and technology can isolate people and give them an excuse to not even leave the house!

Don't let that be you!  Use technology as a way to communicate with others, not to isolate yourself.  It's a double edge sword so be conscious of the effect it has on you.