Zombie Apocalypse and the Future of Work

I've watched Walking Dead for years and I'm just finishing up Season 2 of Z-Nation. 

So what's the fascination with zombies shows anyway?   Is it the film making, special effects, maybe the blood and guts?  What is it?

From the standpoint of business consultant, the zombie shows take on a whole new meaning.   

The zombie virus or disease that's spreading to people today is indifference, despair and cynicism.  I see it everyday.  Rather than look for opportunities, most people are looking for "the easy way" out or something to distract themselves from their own lives.  

Most people would rather be zombies, just going about their day hoping to pass time in a comfortable, predictable manner.  

Of course the alternative is to constantly being out of your comfort zone, learning every day and growing each day.  The ones who survive the zombie apocalypse are the ones who have faith, or a mission in life serve.  If you watch Z-Nation this is clearly outlined by the crew's commitment to a common cause: Get the Murphy to California.

In the new work future, or zombie apocalypse, just "getting by" is not going to be enough.  In this future of work, you have to have purpose to survive, other wise you just a zombie no matter what.  You can be a poor zombie or a rich zombie, nobody cares.  

This post apocalyptic work environment will not have room for people who don't want to grow, contribute and enjoy their communities.  

You have to live life on purpose.  

Ruben B. Austria is an #IronmanTriathlete, #BusinessConsultant and  #QualityofLifePlanner  His purpose is to empower others into action by sharing his goals, journey and insights.  Connect with him on LinkedIN or Twitter @rubenbaustria