New Year's Habits

I recently saw a post on Facebook, from billionaire Richard Branson and it said "You don't have to worry about what you eat from Thanksgiving to New Years if you worry about what you eat from New Years to Thanksgiving.

That post really stopped me in my tracks and made me really think about the new year.  

Today was my first day back in the gym in the New Year.  In a way I was dreading it because at this point there are usually droves of people at the gym ready to start their New Year's diet.  I'm always up for people working to better themselves and their situation.  No matter what the circumstances.  However the whole New Year's resolution thing really frustrates me to no end.

I've been there before and what I realized to create anything over time, the right mindset and habits have to be developed.  

For example the only way to endure a marathon is to put the miles in over time.  

And how do you put the miles in over time?  You have to create a lot of good habits.  You don't train for a marathon by running a 100 miles in month #1 and then a 100 miles total in month #2-6.  It just doesn't work that way.  

Consistency is key.  January 1st then isn't a beginning it's a continuation what you already know to do.  

So if I see you in the gym I hope to meet you, get to know you and encourage you to keep coming in to exercise or train for an event.  Life is short.  Anything is possible,

Ruben B. Austria is an #IronmanTriathlete, #BusinessConsultant and  #QualityofLifePlanner  His purpose is to empower others into action by sharing his goals, journey and insights.  Connect with him on LinkedIN or Twitter @rubenbaustria