Family First

What really matters more than family? 

Maxima Victoria Austria, 6lb, 7oz, 19in

Maxima Victoria Austria, 6lb, 7oz, 19in

My daughter and second child was born yesterday, 3 weeks premature.  Guess she was ready for the world sooner than we thought!

 Before being a parent so many things mattered.  During the pregnancy all you really want is for the baby to come out healthy.  After the baby is born the ONLY thing that matters is what matters to baby... and everything else is secondary. 

 Being a parent is the ultimate privelage.  The opportunity to raise a human being in your likeness.  A relationship like no other.   Someone to carry on your legacy. 

Thats what family means to me... and family comes first.  Relationships come first.  It's not about the money, it's not about fame.  Its all about family.  It's all about relationships. 

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