Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

Today I brought my new born daughter home from the hospital.  We've been at the hospital for thr past 3 dys as my wife recovered from a c-section birth.  The hospital stay was a challenge and we made it through just fine.  I guess the second time around is not filled with as much stress and anxiety about being new partners.

An even bigger challenge came when we got home.  It was the first time we had been away from our son for such a long time and for sure he noticed we were gone. 

The whole night has been full of tantrums.  Hurricane Julius was on a tear! 

So why was Julius so mad?  There was another person his community taking away resources and attention from him.  What I realized that it's not natural for kids or people to cooperate with each other.  

It takes work.

Julius had been so used to his environment.  Julius, Mom and I were best buddies, 3 peas in a pod... and now a 4th has come home.

When I first decided to get into business for myself, the main driving factor was that I felt I could do better on my own.  I didn't want to be around a company culture and I didn't want to make it work.

So I quit.

That experience was almost 15 years ago.  Fast forward to now I have learned that as far as my "career" is concerned, it doesn't matter where I work or how big the business.   What matters most regardless of the career or profession and they question that everyone has to ask themselves is...

Are you contributing your best to the community that you believe in?  Or are you just a 2 year old throwing tantrums because you can't get your way all the time.  

You choose.