Do it because you love playing the game

I wasn't a college football fan until today. 

The Clemson Tigers were playing the Alabama Crimson Tide.  Alabama being the number one ranked team in the nation was favored to win... and they didn't.

Clemson won in a dramatic a finish as a New England Patriots playoff game would be. 

What's crazy is these are college football players... they are not paid to do what they do.  Yeah sure a lot of them probably want to play professionally and realistically a lot of them won't.  They doesn't matter though.  The toughness and grit that was on display was amazing.  The athleticism of the plays was amazing yet the players play because that just what they do.. they play. 

If you are a self employed person and you don't enjoy what you do to make income, it's probably best look for something else to take all your time.  There are so many different ways to make money, why not do something you enjoy instead?

One mindset flip you can do is simple just to ask a different question: 

What contribution to others can I make consistently which I can do for a full time basis over a course of a lifetime?

Whether the answer to that question is being someone who post videos on YouTube of cats and can produce revenue out of it, then so be it.  As long as your happy doing it and it provides for your lifestyle, who's to judge?

I've known too many people spend all their chasing money and many of the ones that have money don't even enjoy it.

So think about your business choices and what drives you.   Are you doing it for the money like many NFL players?  Or, do you just love playing the game like the Clemson Tigers?