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Quality of Life Forum and Business Networking Luncheon

Quality of Life, Wellness, Work-Life Balance or whatever you call it ... Everyone wants it and yet... it's so difficult to achieve.

The purpose of this event is to connect like-minded, socially "response-able" individuals and organizations committed to creating a positive impact for others.  TriumphLIFE actively seeks out business professionals in the "quality of life" business, meaning that their product or service provides value to individuals and organizations by helping them preserve, grow and enjoy their lifestyle.

The workshop is intended to present the TriumphLIFE Quality of Life Planning model in hopes of creating win-win business relationships that make a difference. 

Event Program

  • Welcome Message and Introduction to Host Business (we support local business!)

  • Faciliated Networking

  • Quality of Life Workshop with Ruben B Austria, Austria & Associates

Please stay after the program for open networking opportunities.  We are looking forward to meeting you and learning about the value you provide!

Lunch and beverages will be served.  Seating is limited.  RSVP now at