Our Vision

TriumphLIFE Challenge = Life training on how to endure.


We are creating a totally unique approach to wellness.  We are providing the framework and resources that allow individuals and organizations access to achieving their quality of life goals.

#TriumphLIFE is the platform to educate, empower and inspire others to plan and pursue their goals.  Although the founder, Ruben B. Austria, has spent most of his professional career working in the Financial and Real Estate Investment industries, he believes good health is everyone's greatest asset ... and quality of life is everyone's return on investment.    

The sport of endurance training and triathlon changed Ruben's life starting in 2005.  Never having any training to run long distances, as a mere stroke of fate, he starting training for a marathon.  

In October of 2006, Ruben ran his first marathon of 26.2 miles.   He instantly got addicted and he didn't stop there... he wanted more.  In 2008, he started training for triathlons.  He went from not even knowing how to swim to completing the Ironman Triathlon in Lake Placed on July 24th, 2011.  An Ironman triathlon consists of a 2.4 miles swim, a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile marathon.... all in one day!

Training for an endurance event takes long term planning... just like any other long term goal worth accomplishing.  There are many lessons one can learn from endurance training that applies to everyday life.  For that reason, Ruben created #TriumphLIFE.


At the gym, there is a clear distinction between the results produced from just "working out" and "training for" something.  It's the difference between "just going through the motions" and "being very focused and intentional". 


Never stop learning, growing and applying knowledge.   The challenge in today's world is that there is too much information and not enough action.  TriumphLIFE Wealth programs provide people with the necessary information to make informed and empowered decisions to plan for retirement, buy their first home, find the right job or start a business.


With better health and well being, people are energized and empowered to take a similar structured approach and mindset to achieve greater wealth.   

With greater wealth and finances, people have more resources to share with others. 

Contributing to and benefiting from being part of a community makes a world of difference.  We create happiness by connecting people in our programs with each other, allowing them to share resources, motivation and success stories. 



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Ruben created the TriumphLIFE Network to form a community to connect like-minded, socially "response-able" individuals and organizations committed to creating a positive impact for others in and around the world.  He is driven to empower people to plan for, pursue and live their ideal "quality of life".

Our programs transform the mindset of our participants from "it's impossible to" to "I'm ready to" by combining resources and coordinating efforts.

Now that you that you know what makes us different, find out how we make it happen!