Are you climbing your life mountains?

Finding the perfect career or job.... starting or expanding that business... running that 5K marathon or completing the Ironman...  finding "the one" or soul mate... making a difference....

What do these all have in common?  These are all dreams that someone gave up on.  "Could have, would have or should have" are commonly used expressions that robs people of their dreams and their overall quality of life.

Recent statistics show that for many people, quality of life could get a whole lot better.

Health Statistics

"Today two-thirds of adults and nearly one-third of children struggle with overweight and obesity.... If consistent, 51 percent of the population will be obese by 2030" (JAMA)

"In 2008, obesity-related medical expenses reached $147 billion... This figure is projected to rise to $344 billion by 2018." (HealthAffairs)

Wealth Statistics

"46% of all American workers have less than $10,000 saved for retirement and 29% of all American workers have less than $1,000 saved for retirement." (RCS)

"Forty-seven percent of Americans have incomes under twice the official poverty rate, making half of the country either poor or near-poor" (WSWS)

Last but not least...  Happiness Statistics

"Fewer than half of American workers were satisfied with their jobs in 2013." (WSJ)

Although there are many opinions as to the exact divorces statistics in America, the overwhelming opinion is that number is extremely high and discouraging.

Where do you see yourself?  How is your quality of life?

Everyone's own experience of their quality of life is unique.  Most people have success achieving either health or wealth. However, most people know money doesn't buy happiness nor does being extremely healthy create happiness.   And to make things worse, some people with health and wealth also find themselves unfulfilled without happiness. 

Everyone wants to be living comfortably and no one wants to be struggling unhappily to get by... in poor health... living paycheck to paycheck.  

It takes work to improve quality of life and unfortunately it's very easy to roll down the "slippery slope" of life.

So what is missing?  What is it going to take in order for you or your organization to start living your ideal quality of life? 

It's always been said, "people don't plan to fail, they fail to plan".  Find out more about Quality of Life Planning.